January 6, 2014

Epiphany! No, not me, while I would wish for epiphanies, today is the day the Magi arrived at the side of the Holy Family. There are so many suppositions about these wise men. From the Baha’is, it is believed that they were Zoroastrian priests, come to recognize the fulfillment of their own religion.  Others have called them Kings; others astrologers and learned men.  To my way of thinking the story in the Bible is pretty deliberately vague – showing that the birth of this Child was recognized from the lowly to the highest born.

There’s a story from Renaissance times (please remember, this is a European story *grin*) about a little girl named Mary who was the daughter of one of the shepherds.  When they went to visit and her father presented a gift for the Baby, Mary left to go outside, upset that she had nothing to give to Mary, the Mother of the Baby.  An angel came upon her and asked her why she was upset, and Mary told him that she had nothing to give to the Baby’s mother, who was tired and in need of something to cheer her space.  She would love to bring back flowers, but with the snow on the ground (remember, European winter), there were none to be had.  The angel told her to dry her eyes and cleared a small patch on the ground, showing Mary the Christmas Roses that bloom in the cold.  Mary gathered them and made a garland to be able to brighten the area up, and went and presented them to the Holy Mother.

Just for fun – an adult, acapella version of the arrangement of Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee from Sister Act.

Today’s MP was a bit odd – no commemoration or reflections.  Perhaps whoever organizes them figures it’s Monday, and people always need some extra time on Mondays. 🙂  So, mini goal this week – learn Psalm 119 Aleph.

Okay, so I now know that ancestry.com is absolutely addicting, and I need to actively schedule in time, so that I stop spending hours upon hours doing genealogy research!  Needless to say, studying is going to be re-arranged.

I need to get information on Baha’i consultation put together for my son.  That’s taken priority this evening.  So, tomorrow I will get up an hour early and do my acupressure study.

Well, it’s good to know that I did actually finish the sentence I was writing before posting.  Too many phone calls last night!  But, I actually ended up doing an accupressure connected video regarding emotional weight loss.  Kind of interesting, and the notes are on my Livejournal.   It did at least end up a productive day.


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