January 10, 2014

Form over substance. That’s what the Commemoration in today’s MP was about; it’s what many non-liturgical churches think of liturgy. I’m curious why this particular Archbishop of Canterbury was chosen for today’s MP, as he was at the height of the surplice riots. One wouldn’t think that a mere piece of clothing could cause such passion in people, but in the 18th century, it did. The Puritans of the time were known as “Biblical Christians”, and again, they were looking for form over substance, for daily life with God, rather than a once a week praising by rote focus on buildings rather than people. The inheritors of their philosophy is considered to be the Christian right in the US. So this is not a new fight – the players have changed a bit, but still, people look for the difference between habit and true passion for Christ.

The thing is, what if your passion for Christ is through the liturgy? What if you don’t say it by rote, but believe every word in your heart and live that every day? What if you walk your talk, no matter that someone judges you lacking simply because you find God through a liturgy that is traditional, known and a comfort to your soul?

For me, I think that’s why I don’t have any quarrel with any particular church, as what I’m looking to see in someone is if they walk their talk.  Do that, and I will support your path to God as being right for you.  My path may be different, but still parallel, as we make our journeys to God.


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