January 15, 2014

I had an interesting discussion with my mother yesterday, who is attempting to find exercise that she actually enjoys. I explained my new attitude – that I wasn’t so much looking at “losing weight” as a goal, but rather, taking care of the vessel that God gave me, so that it is healthy and able to do His work and serve His people better. Losing weight may be a nice by-product, but it’s not my focus. It’s an attitude adjustment, and just like yesterday, not being able to justify driving the truck to church when it was clear outside and not slippery, as the justification is to God – you can’t really lie to Him. 🙂 But trying to give her ideas – not being able to justify taking the car to the store (and granted, her store is about a mile away, so she’s looking at a 2 mile walk) for just a few things. She thought dad might think her crazy, and I challenged her that dad might just join her in the walk. But she looked at it as lying to herself, rather than simply adjusting how she thinks of things. Well, whatever works. 🙂

Apparently Episcopals don’t have as many saints’ days as Catholics, so on those days there isn’t a “Commemoration” for morning prayer, I’ve been using the “Forward, Day by Day” books – a short something on which to meditate. Today’s was an expansion on the 2nd reading from Hebrews, where it talks about Christ literally giving up the power, majesty, dominion that He had for the time He was human, in order to experience life on earth *as* a human experiences it. It allowed Him to experience the temptations humans experienced, so that He is better able to help those who now suffer temptation. He gets it – this human experience. It actually makes me wonder then, why Catholic priests don’t marry – ’cause they don’t experience marriage, and yet are the people to whom their parishioners are to turn when they are having marital problems. If priests are to be walking the path of Christ, would they not *want* to experience those things that their parishioners go through so that they would be able to better advise?

Hmm, I think I’m in a bit of a contrary mood today. I’ll go exercise (since I took the truck, running terribly late this morning).

I am reminded today by one of my favourite singers (Darrell Rodgers) that this is the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birth.  He and his wife, Bride, are a beautiful example of how far this country has come – as he pointed out today, their marriage would have been illegal in many places when King made his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.  Several years ago, I wrote a blog about the holiday it has been made into.  Still stands. 🙂



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