January 16, 2014

It is late in the day to be posting, but better late than never. šŸ™‚

Today’s morning prayer contained two commemorations, one about a man who started a monastic order, which unlike many, had its proponents live in the world, and practice awareness of God as possible. Sound familiar? *grin*

The other was about Charles Gore, a 19th century Anglican priest and theologian. On the one hand, it is largely his influence that helped the Anglican Church to reconcile differences in science and religion, determining which stories in the Bible might be allegorical and which factual, and giving reasons as to why. He had an interesting viewpoint of the incarnation of Christ, involving the Kenotic Theory (first created by Paul) – meaning that he could not be fully human, if he retained the knowledge, spirit and omniscience of God as man, and thus “emptied” himself of all of that so that he could experience the fullness of humanity, sublimating his Divine nature to the human one, until it was time for his mission on Earth. He was a prolific author, and thus, the commemorations this morning were quite long, and I am unused to speaking at such length. It apparently affected my ability to type this morning.

In any case, the concept is new to me, having accepted the divinity and humanity of Christ long ago as a dichotomy which could only be explained through faith, and is one of those things outside of human understanding. It is certainly another of those things to save for asking about in the next plane of existence. šŸ™‚


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