January 19, 2014

Sunday! My day of rest, and I’m actually going to *not* go to the All Church Worship this evening, as I am just simply very tired. I can probably finish up a shawl and veg with my cats for a bit.

So first, the question regarding “begotten, not made” from the Nicene Creed. I apparently didn’t obsess far enough. 🙂 A later line – “was incarnate by the Holy Spirit of the virgin Mary, and was made man.”  So, to my way of thinking, Christ was begotten by God, being that God can only begot (?) God; while Jesus was made man through Mary.  So, Jesus Christ was both begotten and made – rather a fascinating concept.  Given that Christ (Anointed) is a title (in Greek) or Messiah (expected deliverer) (in Hebrew), like Baha’u’llah (Glory of God) is a title (in Persian), Muhammad (Praise) is a title (in Arabic), etc.   Moses or Moshe could be either an Egyptian word meaning “Son” or a Hebrew word meaning “Deliver” – each of these were titles, but each of them had their own names.  Interesting that only Christ was begotten – and eternally begotten at that.  John talks about “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  I’ve always sort of figured that “the Word” was the pre-incarnate Christ when they talked about the Word in the Old Testament.  I could, of course, simply be making connections where there aren’t any to be found.  In  any case, back to the point, because I really do have one – God made man.  He made Jesus.  He made each of the other Manifestations.  He begat Christ.  There has to be a significance here. 🙂

So, today’s Episcopal service had our guest priest, Rev. Karen King. 🙂  She talked about how we are each called to different service, and whether we have paid attention when we are called.  It reminded me of a blog I did a while ago about your calling, and how to find what it might be, if you don’t know.


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