January 23, 2014

Today’s Old Testament story is from Genesis: the Tower of Babel. This has to be one of the most difficult problems for secular scientists and strict religionists to find commonality, but there is evidence of it.

Part of what has always been interesting to me is the concept of being created in the image of God. Other than Christ, the Bible does not acknowledge God manifesting Himself in human form, although other religions talk about the Manifestations of God that I’ve referred to previously in this blog. In any case – first semantics question – is there a difference between the “creation” of God and the “making” of man? To my way of thinking (which, granted, is based only upon my own imagination – I do not in any way, shape or form claim to know the mind of God), our soul is what is created in the image of God. In deciding that among His creations, man was the one most capable of combining with the creation of the soul, God became the “missing link” that evolution will never find evidence of. The change from homo erectus to homo sapien would be the combination of man and soul.

Another fascination to me is the study of languages and beyond that, the development of cultures.  It fascinated me to learn that there are Hebrew words scattered in every language on earth – modified, of course, but the roots are there, as is much of the culture of the Jews found in the creation of new cultures, new religious practices, etc.

So, going to the culture that generally has one of the oldest written histories – China – which is far removed from Babylon, you find many interesting facts.  You also find evidence of Hebrew root words in their language, and similar cultural practices.

Most other cultures do not go quite so far back in written history, so by the time they got around to writing things down, culture had drifted much further by then.  A comparison/contrast is more difficult.  Additionally, since Moses is the one to create the Pentateuch (whether written by God, as the Jews believe, and given to Moses; or written down by Moses as told to him by God, as most Christians believe), that’s also more than 500 years distant from the events at the Tower of Babel.  Seeing history from a distance, with no contemporaneous sources – it can be difficult to ensure complete accuracy, and at the same time, it may make certain things clearer without the confusion that occurs at the time.  History, however, is almost always written by the victors, so there is that to consider if, as Christians believe, Moses was the one to write the Pentateuch.  Different topic for a different day. 🙂

Do keep in mind that I’m speculating – and my mind can imagine interesting things. I do believe that science and religion must agree with one another, and don’t believe they must be mutually exclusive.

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