January 28, 2014

Day late, with much to atone for.

I work for a transcription company (not to be named, by their own policy), and yesterday, I typed a legal seminar. Not a big deal, other than the type of file generally makes me twice the amount of money normal files make, and it was a very long file. I should have, however, turned it in unfinished for the language used. I honestly have no problem with swear words, and am used to typing them in police interviews and such, but when the Lord’s name gets regularly not only taken in vain and combined with those swear words, and is sometimes even used individually *as* a swear word, it’s time for me to stop typing. And I didn’t. I allowed the promise of the extra money to hold sway and went against not only God’s law, but the principles set out to guide me this year. And my conscience has been making me pay for it since.

So on that note, I’ll end this. It’s already the 29th, and I have lots to get done as it snows beautifully outside. I’m thinkin’ the church needs to get the amount I made on the file – I’ll split it between the two of them. And in the meantime, I’ll go chop wood.

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