February 1, 2014

Saturday. For some, a day of leisure and rest from the crazy work week of Monday to Friday. For others, a day of work, like most others, except with more children who are out of school. Pretty normal day for me – work, chopping wood, taking care of cats.

There are so many in need of healing – of their bodies, their spirits, their habits and their paths. For people of any path, I actually recommend the Baha’i Long Healing Prayer.  I’ve got it on this site under prayers, but apparently you can only make the home page into a “blog-like” format where each entry is separate and can become its own separate page.  The prayer is long – I warn people of this, and they do not believe just how long it is.  It is a chant, and after each line is the line:  “Thou the Sufficing, Thou the Healing, Thou the Abiding, oh Thou Abiding One.”  And before you say the prayer, look at the definitions of abide.  That one word says so very much that this prayer becomes something of complete awe.

Persian tends to be a rather formal, flowery language, and to translate it into English is extremely difficult, because where they have several different words to say something, English is limited to one or two for the same words.  As with all Baha’i writings these days, a committee of nine people must agree on the translation, so this is pretty accurate, and the power of the prayer comes through quite well.

I can remember the first time that Richard and I had a whole lot of people who were in need of prayer.  Richard was a Druid, and a natural healer in his own right.  He wanted to combine prayer with actively raising energy to help heal those in need.  I warned him that this prayer was long. 🙂  We wrote the names of those for whom we were praying on a piece of paper, which he held in his hands while I read out the prayer.  Richard’s hands would always heat up when he raised energy for healing.  We were outside, where he would be connected with the Earth, the creation of God, and we had a brazier next to us which had held a fire earlier.  There was also a cooler with mostly melted ice that had held drinks earlier in the day.  The prayer is very chant-like, and your body actually ends up moving back and forth as you say it.  At the point when I finished the prayer, Richard held the piece of paper out over the brazier as it caught fire from the heat of his hands, and then plunged his hands into the cooler, as steam rose from them.  He hadn’t expected the prayer to be quite so long, and had not gathered the energy at a slow pace, and so was holding it in his hands with nowhere to go but into the paper.   I think God was listening, ’cause each of the people on the list became better. 🙂

I often use the Long Healing Prayer when I am afraid of losing someone, not because it will always make them better, but because it brings peace to both of us.  I prayed this when Richard first had his stroke, and shortly thereafter, knew that what made him Richard was no longer attached to his body.  He’d already begun the next step of his journey – his body just hadn’t realized it yet.  Fortunately for us, that allowed a team of medical professionals the time to help others to live – a 33-year-old father of four; a 19-year-old college student; an accountant; and many others – through the giving of organs Richard was finished using.  Through it all, I could feel the Lord abiding with us, and knew that I’d see him again, when my time here was through.


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