February 4, 2014

How would you like people to remember you? This comes up because sometimes, there are people on the Anglican calendar that have this one short paragraph about what they accomplished in their lives that got them onto the calendar. Today’s was a priest named Anskar, who ensured that the Anglican Communion and the Church in Sweden were on friendly terms… Okay. You know he must have led an exciting life in the 9th century, huh. Whoo! Party time.

But it made me think – after you die, what sort of stories will people tell about you? Or even know – what are the stories others tell that eventually make their way back to you? I’m apparently famous for my cats. Joy. Not quite how I wish to be remembered, so I guess I should work on that. 🙂 Which is not the say the cat stories don’t make people laugh – they do. I have fun and unique cats. But it’s rather like my grandmother being remembered for her odd stories (the Spaghetti Tree, or fresh/canned fruit, etc.). I’m certain she would have wanted to have been remembered for something other than that.

So, we’re here now. We have the ability to write our own stories, to do the deeds we’d like to be remembered for, and to do the deeds quietly that we hope God will notice about us.


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