February 11, 2014

First, happy what would have been 59th birthday to my dear husband Richard. 🙂 I’m hoping the other Archers up there are goading him into a contest. 🙂

Today’s gospel at Morning Prayer was about the woman brought before Jesus accused of being caught in adultery. And the very famous line said by believers and unbelievers alike – “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” This, of course, could be taken two ways – as He was the only one who lived without sin, it was His prerogative to cast the first stone, and it was rather obvious He wasn’t going to do that. (I’m actually rather interested in what He was writing in the dirt…) More likely, however would be that He was reminding everyone there that no one is without sin, and before you go judging others, be reminded of that, and that it’s not our place to judge.

I think it’s what I appreciate about this new Pope. Let’s focus more on what we stand for rather than for what we stand against.  If like attracts like, then we need to attract those to us that have the same wants for the improvement of the world, for service to the Lord and for sharing the love and joy in the fellowship of Christ.  If all we ever do is tell people what we stand against, all we’re ever going to get are the negative, judgmental, hate-mongers that give Christians a bad name.

Christ wasn’t big on people wallowing in sin.  He was big on people acknowledging their sins, and then going forward to sin no more.  Dwelling on it wasn’t going to improve the world – forgiving ourselves and others and then focusing on how to better serve the Lord was.  I think Christians forget that part sometimes.

Perhaps if we each picked up a stone to carry in our pockets every time we either accused another or railed against some sin or another or chose to dwell in our own guilt and shame, we’d come to realize just how much weight Christ bears for each of us.  Should we not honor that sacrifice, and help lighten the future loads?


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