February 14, 2014

Okay, so Morning Prayer at my house this morning. I got to the end of my block, and realized that if I kept up that pace, I might make it to the church in an hour – the roads are unfortunately large sheets of ice with very little areas free so that I don’t fall on my face (or more importantly, my hands). So, another 10 minutes spent getting back home, and I shall hold the service here. My poor cats are so confused. 🙂

And of course, I am reminded of something else I wrote long ago. 🙂

I am bugged by this whole Isaac/Rebekah, Jacob/Esau line.  Once again, we have woman deceiving man (think Adam/Eve); we have the start of the “favored sons” problems – where a parent favors one child over another, in an obvious manner, thereby inciting jealousy and stupidity in sibling rivalry (think Jacob/Joseph).  Obviously the story has foreshadowing and connections – it’s the Bible. 🙂  But through it all, God chooses to bless those who sew lies and deceit and treachery.

Now, fortunately, Pastor Craig was pretty thorough with this story when we were doing Genesis last year.  He points out that there is no blessing without what would now be known as a “come to Jesus meeting”; that there is true repentance and restitution before blessings occur.

But my mind still goes back to Rebekah.  She encouraged “her” son (and the Bible actually differentiates – calling Jacob “her” son and Esau “Isaac’s” son) to deceive and steal, taking through dishonesty those things belonging to his brother.  She overcame every argument he had against it, and helped find ways around the logic so as to fool Isaac.  She did this on the deathbed of her husband, and I’m thinkin’ she wasn’t one who actually thought ahead too much.  In encouraging Jacob to leave and go to Haran, so that he wouldn’t be killed by Esau, she herself became the widow of her husband, now dependent upon “her” son Esau to provide for her, after helping his brother steal from him.  I can’t imagine that was too comfortable for the rest of her life, for she died before Jacob returned.  My questions, of course, are whether she ever got her “come to Jesus meeting”, whether she ever realized she had done wrong to begin with?  Did she ever repent?  The Bible never says.

My mind is wandering from topic to topic, jumping from the God gene and what happens when you find it to be a dominant or recessive trait; to whether my returning home without getting to church was a sign of my lack of trust in Him, or a warning from Him to use my common sense and go back home – He can be celebrated anywhere. <g>  So I shall end with a wish that today’s commemoration of St. Valentine is lovely for you.


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