February 15, 2014

Black ice is going to be the death of me one of these days. Ah well – at some point, I promise to be back at church doing the Morning Prayer service. In the meantime, it’s at my house – if anyone else housebound would like to participate, call me – I start at 7:30.

Today’s second lesson from Romans 14:1-23 is, I believe, at the heart of where the new Catholic Pope is going. We’re not the judge. And while we may believe vegetarians or vegans may be insane (please feel free to insert any other appellation people are given regarding the choices they make in life), let’s look for the commonalities, the joint faith in God, the worship – rather than finding the differences and forgetting that we are all God’s children.  Judgment day will come when it comes, and at that point, we will all be judged.  As was pointed out somewhere else (I know I wrote it down, ’cause I thought it was profound – January 5 entry), no matter what is done, God’s plan happens.  The big events occur, and humanity moves forward.  Our actions are truly incapable of disrupting those plans.

That, of course, brings up the whole predestination/free will argument, but I really don’t see a conflict between them.  Actually, that brings up thoughts about Orson Scott Card’s Pastwatch or Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series.  Not entirely sure why.  Perhaps because people enjoy looking at how events shape history, and how “what if” had happened, how would today be changed.  It’s one of my favorite mental gymnastics games.  But then I also often wonder about parallel universes, and whether we may be in some giant lab as a social experiment, where there are minor variations between close universes and more major ones between the far ones.  Okay – one of those days. 🙂  I love how Bible verses can put me off on tangents that no one knows where they’re going to take me.  Makes me wonder if I should potentially live with more than cats. <grin>


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