February 20, 2014

Today is a beautiful day. It’s snowing. 🙂 And I realize that oft-times, my attitude is different from those of others, who are at a higher elevation and get a whole lot more snow, I am still very appreciative of snow and the beauty it creates.  I count it as being among some of the greatest blessings God has provided us.

At some point, I’ll do more research and write out where “the Word” is mentioned throughout the Bible.  It is fascinating to me how often that actually occurs.

For today, however, I need to request God’s wisdom in responding to a lady elder to me who sometimes asks for my advice.  At one point, her husband was quite ill, and not expected to survive long (he’s doing much better now).  And she asked me, “How do you get through the days without them?”  Okay, yes, I’m a widow, and yes, I was devastated when Richard died, but how I get through the days without Richard (having only been with him for four years), and how she is going to get through the days without her husband, with whom she’s been for over 50 – are two completely different things!  Although, after thinking about it, the advice is pretty much the same – you get through it day by day, hour by hour, or minute by minute, with God’s help and grace.

Yesterday, she asked me about getting rid of anger.  Now here, I actually have an abundance of experience. 🙂  I was born a true red-head, with a horrible temper.  My mother’s solutions to almost anything, was books.  For my anger difficulties, I got Little Women, with a suggestion that I pay close attention to Jo, and how her anger led to consequences she really didn’t like, and the methods she used to calm herself and think things through rationally before flying off the handle and saying things she would later regret.  I learned to channel the rather more violent tendencies into cleaning – same amount of energy, better results. 🙂  (I really do need to get angry more often these days, I think. <g>)

Interestingly, when I was learning to become a mediator, we had to learn to redirect anger expressed by the parties to more useful places.  Since I worked with non-violent juvenile offenders and their victims, it was always interesting, dealing with teens angry at the world, their parents, their schools, rules, society in general, etc.  Anger isn’t actually an emotion by itself.  There are things that *cause* anger – generally fear, jealousy and pride – and those are the emotions you must deal with first, in order to calm what you are choosing to express as anger.  I found a great site on dealing with anger from a Biblical perspective that ends with wonderful prayers that put things into perspective.

Anger can also oftentimes be the result of miscommunication – that whole perception and intent thing that I probably talk about too much.  Realizing the miscommunication and attempting to communicate clearly can often clear up the misunderstanding and make you realize that there wasn’t actually a need for the anger in the first place.  Letting go of anger can be difficult, but it is ultimately quite rewarding.

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