February 22, 2014

This was a discussion I attempted to have with the supply priest we had for a couple of years at HT, brought about by the mentions in Pastor Craig’s (DoH) sermons:  Theophanies (appearance of God) and Christophanies (pre-incarnate appearances of Christ) within the Old Testament.

A couple of the following links are for Anglican references, but most tend to be within the Evangelical churches or scholarly studies. I couldn’t find any that were specifically Episcopal or Catholic in nature – which is part of what I find interesting:

http://theologica.ning.com/profiles/blogs/christophanies-in-the-old – interesting post by a regular guy with no particular “qualifications”.

http://philorthodox.blogspot.com/2009/10/christophanies.html – Anglican priest’s blog.

http://ichthys.com/mail-Christophany%20in%20Genesis%203.htm – bit more of a scholarly look at Christophany, but through the lens of an evangelical.

http://www.gotquestions.org/theophany-Christophany.html – general overview with connections to Bible verses.

Book – interesting article from The Methodist Quarterly Review in 1858, from the “Methodist Episcopal Church” (would be interested in finding out more about what that is ).

http://www.ancientlight.org/Theology/Cook/cook_th_031W.htm – Interesting outline regarding the states of Christ, with citations.

In my discussions with Dustin, he (in consultation with a more experienced pastor at his Church) indicated that with Pentecost (Starting in Acts 1), it seemed that Jesus had to leave before the Holy Spirit could arrive (something else rather interesting). With the arrival of the Holy Spirit, there could therefore, *not* be post-incarnation appearances of Christ, as we had the Holy Spirit here to guide us. This directly addresses a main concept in the Baha’i Faith, and is setting up an interesting dichotomy in my mind, as to what exactly my beliefs are or should be.

I know that God speaks through others at times, and it feels like I should be paying attention. 🙂  I haven’t yet formed an opinion on this fascinating concept.  People whose opinions I respect have said that whether we interpret the Bible as mentioning pre-incarnate appearances of Christ or whether we take it at face value, if God thought it was something we needed to focus on, He would have made it much clearer.  What we focus on now is being filled with the Holy Spirit in our thoughts and actions, and not look for specific “appearances” of God in whatever form.

Interesting to me was that only the evangelicals attempted to answer my questions.  None of those from the liturgical churches were even interested in addressing it.  I often wonder if I ask too many questions for their comfort. 🙂

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