February 23, 2014

There have been a lot of topics that talk about shepherds and sheep within the biblical context.  So, I want to talk about them first.  We, as Christians, are compared to sheep being led by the “Good Shepherd” (Christ).  The discussion today was on Psalm 23, but also included the characteristics both of sheep and “good” shepherds.

So, rather than re-listing, I’ll use a couple of links here.  Sheep characteristics in a Biblical sense (speaking of humans) – generally listed in a negative fashion.  Sheep behavior in a bit more positive fashion (speaking of actual sheep).

So, this would be an actual job description for a shepherd.  And this would be the one for the good shepherd we identify as Christ.  This latter one matches what Pastor Craig at Door of Hope has been discussing.

Part of what struck me this morning is that often times, particularly from one political group to another, people today are referred to as “sheeple“, and the link leads to the urban dictionary to discuss those more negative characteristics of people who behave in the mindless manner of sheep.

So, it rather makes me wonder if, at the same time that the Good Shepherd is caring for us, watching over us, guiding us, etc., if He isn’t also looking down at us for being ignorant lemmings who, despite being given brains by God, refuse to use them in any constructive fashion.  Are humans also divided into sheep, sheepdogs, shepherds, wolves categories?  And if so, which is the best category to be in?  Are all needed to keep life in balance?

Yes, strange things go through my mind at the times of sermons – and when I don’t have paper to write them all down – you get stuck with them here, more’s the pity.

On a completely different note, this link talks about the strength and attributes of the care of one’s hair.  It’s a very cool concept on being aware while tending to a normal, daily task, while giving a different perspective on it.

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