February 27, 2014

For some reason this morning, the phrase, “The Word of the Lord” and the response of, “Thanks be to God” got my attention.  Interestingly, it led me to a very good, concise explanation of a liturgical service.  Even as liturgical churches are known for their dogma, liturgy and tradition, everything they say is actually from the Bible or biblically based.  So I’m uncertain whether separating “liturgical” churches from “Biblical” churches is actually fair.

The affirmation by the leader (be they priest, deacon, lay minister or reader) that “This is the Word of the Lord” is much more than lip service.  It’s a statement that the Bible is God-breathed – written down by man, but the Words of God.  Through the Word, all things on this Earth were created, so that’s a really powerful statement when you think about it.  “This is the Word of the Lord” is a statement of pure belief.  Likewise, the response by the congregation, “Thanks be to God,” is an affirmation that all there believe the same, and give their thanks to the God who gave them the gift of His Word.

Very cool concepts – now we just need people to actually think about that when they say the words.  Imagine what that would do to the spirit level of every person there.

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