March 1, 2014

Hard to believe it’s March already.

Today, I’m not gonna talk about church or Biblical things.  Today is about the changing media choices.  Much of it, I think began with The Passion of The Christ, which achieved commercial success that people in Hollywood were completely astounded by.   Add to that that it was subtitled, with Latin and Aramaic being spoken, and the fact that it was rated R, and Hollywood was bowled over.  But for the most part, they treated it as an anomaly – who wants to watch Biblical epics?

Well – the majority of the people in this country. 🙂  With the advent of the success of Courageous and Fireproof – the latter of which was a movie with non-professional actors, produced by a church!, and Hollywood is paying a little more attention.  God’s Not Dead looks to be another hit, and that one is produced by a new company that focuses on “changing our culture for Christ” – Pure Flix.  They’re finding professional actors to make these movies, and they’re movies that families can go to.  Roma Downey and her husband’s movies “The Bible” and “Son of God” (currently on the big screen).  “Noah” set to be out soon…  Other than Disney, there haven’t been a whole lot of family movies out there.  And these days, even Disney’s questionable at times.

One of the interesting things about Fireproof that I liked was that Kirk Cameron has an agreement with his wife, that she’ll be the only one he kisses. 🙂  When he kisses his “movie wife” on-screen, they actually film it in shadow, and had Kirk’s wife come in to “double” for that scene so he could keep that agreement.  I suppose it helps that she’s an actress as well.  I thought it was cool. 🙂

Then we have other forms of media – television (Duck Dynasty anyone? – Although I’ve never seen the attraction to watching duck hunting – it’d be like watching fishing to me – but it’s the most popular “reality” show ever on TV); books (there have always been a lot of “religious” books, but Harlequin now has two lines – Heartwarming and Love Inspired – for books that deal less with sex and more with faith and relationships); and music (the popularity of “Christian” bands is increasing).  Interestingly, music is learning that you can keep the lyrics clean, and still have a wide variety of styles. 🙂

So I think our culture is slowly changing to value and appreciate wholesomeness, family, relationships – both interpersonal and with God – and life journeys a lot more.  I know I’m grateful for it. 🙂

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