March 2, 2014

Prayers. I know I’ve mentioned before the differences between those in “liturgical” churches and those in “Biblical” churches and how they pray. Sunday this was called to stark attention for me.  Door of Hope has a prayer service at 1:30 (which was late getting started, so I ended up having to go next door to Holy Trinity for prayer shawls at 2:00, and then back to Door of Hope with shawls that needed blessed, at which time, I walk in, in the middle of prayer), and this week, they were praying for our country and its leaders.  This was why I particularly wanted to go this week, given the advent of what seems to be the restart of the Cold War.

Liturgical churches took Christ’s advice on how to pray metaphorically, taking His words and creating the Lord’s Prayer, which is said at every service.  Biblical churches took Him at His word, on the advice on how to pray, and as I’ve said before, can drop into a prayer as needed.  I admire this ability entirely.  And thus far, I fail miserably at doing it.  I don’t have a problem “talking” to God, ’cause I do that all the time, and it’s pretty much the way I talk to friends.  But “prayers” are different.

Because I came in “late”, Pastor Craig gave me the last three people on the list to pray for (Secretaries of Education, Veterans Administration and Homeland Security).  I got a little bit into it, but fortunately, the guy next to me took pity on me and finished it off. 🙂  I truly need to learn how to do this better, and I know what it’s going to take is practice – I just think I’d prefer to practice outside the hearing of others. <g>

As with any “prayers” that I say – if I’m not reading them, then I will be singing them, ’cause that’s the only way I can memorize.  For instance, Ey-Talebe Malakut or Remover of Difficulties.  Which, of course, means that they’re in all sorts of languages, from Persian to Spanish to French to Hebrew to Arabic, and of course, English. <g>

Somehow though, I think Baha’i prayers would likely make a few people uncomfortable.

Goals.  How to pray.


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