March 3, 2014

Obviously, I have been remiss in posting – I could blame the snow (finally got some, Yay!) and the need to be shoveling my driveway and walk on a repeated basis, but I think more, I just wasn’t in the mood to post.  I did, however, have things going in my head that I wanted to write about, hence, I’m posting today. 🙂

The commemoration yesterday was on the Wesleyan brothers, who developed a “method” of daily prayers focused on the Book of Common Prayer.  This method led to those who belonged to the churches they began being known as “Methodists”, and it just struck me as truly funny that Methodists began life as devout Anglicans.

There are times of late that I feel as if I’m back to the beginning of learning to meditate, and my mind has once again receded to the 2-year-old phase.  It wanders all over the place!  And I bring it back, to focus on what I’m doing, and so then it hums in the background.   Say the Lord’s Prayer – get the sung version going on – give in, and sing the Lord’s Prayer – get it in German.  Hmm, perhaps I need to go back to taking Estraval (for menopause) and see if that doesn’t help. 🙂


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