March 7, 2014

So, as I had feared, with emailed conversations between Dustin, Pastor Craig and myself, I’ve made this blog private, so that those who are seekers in the world don’t get confused with my appreciation of comparative religion. 🙂  I truly am not looking to confuse anyone in what I write, but merely to explore where this year takes me.  While I may view something from another religion as being perfectly clear that we’re talking about the same God, same Manifestation of God’s guidance and power, and view all religions as leading to one God, no matter how “He” is called, others may not have that clarity of mind and may find themselves muddled in things that I don’t necessarily explain all that well.  I’m writing for myself after all – I know what I’m referring to. <g>

So, mostly it’s my beloved sister, an absolute blessing to me, who reads my babbling, and I figure she won’t mind having to get “permission” to read it – just the once. 🙂

So, projects status.  I’m working my way through Acupressure for Dummies, and will probably see if I can Shanghai J for assistance in finding points on another person.  I’m up to G on the Psalm 119 English acrostic – I figure if I finish that part by June, I’ll have the second half of the year to see if I can make it into rhyming couplets without the acrostic, and like I’ve said, put perhaps a couple of those into both forms.

On the subject of prayer:

Evangelical Method

Episcopal Method

Baha’i Method

There are likely as many methods of prayer as there are people in the world.  But there are commonalities and differences that make the cultural influences clear – and are quite interesting.


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