March 8, 2014

Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday. 🙂  It’s also my second husband’s birthday. 🙂

Today, I’m actually more interested in the sermon from SSJE regarding Praying with Imagination.  Because the Lenten Series decided to do a compilation of the three previous videos (Really?  We’re 3 days into Lent – I don’t think we need a recap yet!), I went to their Monastic Wisdom section and saw a 5-week series on Traditional Methods of Prayer – except I’d never heard of praying with imagination.  To my way of thinking – it’s less of a type of prayer, and more of a type of meditation.  Don’t get me wrong – it looks fascinating and fun and I’m definitely going to do it, but it’ll be one of those meditation topics as opposed to a prayer.

So, in writing the blog for HT (which was why I needed something to offer in the blog in the first place), I asked a bunch of questions of people after they read the sermon.  I figured I’d answer them here:

I already know, given my mind, that I love this whole concept.  It’s similar to what I did for mom’s project last year, trying to put myself into the mind of the women she chose at one particular moment of their lives, to see about writing a first person account.  In this, though, there’s interaction – it’s not all taking place in one person’s mind – it’s taking place in my mind, while being there with Christ – or I could see using this method and seeing what it might be like to be at Sinai, or in the court of Xerxes with Esther, in the crowd fed by loaves and fishes, in the Garden of Gethsemane, in the court of Solomon or among those at the Well with the Samarians.

One of the challenges in the blog is to choose a day among the last leading up to Christ’s crucifixion.  There are a few days I’d like to take time to truly explore there.

So, having now found the key to insanity (multi-tasking!), I have created a space that, I will do meditations and write them here putting myself into those situations.  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on where they might like to go for such a meditation, let me know.


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