May 26, 2015

So, the purpose of this journal is now a bit repurposed:  it will cover church things, discernment questions/answers, Bible studies that I find interesting/which to journal about, etc.  I still have a tendency to do a lot of comparative religion, but likely I’ll keep this journal for the variety of Christian flavors, and use the LiveJournal for if I want to expound on a religion other than Christianity.

Found an interesting Bible study under Women Living Well for Proverbs 31.  I’ll start actually going through her backlog tomorrow.

Discernment news – the committee will be trained June 20.  Apparently, as I’m not part of the committee, I’m not invited to the training. <g>  I’m amused.  In the meantime, I’m working on answering the umpteen dozen questions that the committee’s going to have to eventually answer.

Church-wise, I’m attempting to get the Pastors and Disasters program moving forward with the TMA.  It’s a great program for creating a disaster preparedness plan that incorporates not only individual families, individual churches, but all the churches in the town, and how things can be organized.  However, to create one for our town is going to require some teamwork and knowledge of the TMA.  I don’t have that yet.

So, still moving forward.  The plan is discernment, then recommendation from the committee, then approval by the Bishop (again), then meeting with the Commission on Ministry, then starting school.  If, as I expect, things doing happen quite as anticipated, the Bishop agreed to give me a letter allowing me to apply and attend school on the assumption that I’ll be passed through those steps.  So, school starts in January 2016, with a week in Wisconsin first.  All I have to do is pray the trains run on time. <g>  Then, other than the week every quarter that I have to actually attend school, I’ll be doing my courses online.  I’m hoping God thinks I’m ready. <g>


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