Psalm 119

Okay, so under the Projects tab is the first part of this “project” – re-writing Psalm 119 with the acrostic in English letters (which will be a problem, given that we have 4 more letters than Hebrew, but I’m thinking we could likely skip X and Z at a minimum <g>).  I’m currently up to J.

The other part of this project is to sit down and concentratedly learn to actually sing this Psalm.  One part a week, and I’d be finished by the end of October.  There are a few choices, which I’ve likely listed elsewhere in here, but I’m most likely to go with this or in my endless quest to try and understand just exactly how plainsong/chant works within the Anglican church, I’ll see if I can’t get a lady at church to show me.  I’ve got books, but they may as well be in Greek for all I’m not understanding them.

I’d like to actually understand plainsong before I start school.  I have no idea if they’ll have the distance learning students doing it, but I figure better prepared than not. <g>  The congregation may have to allow me practice in chanting canticles.  We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Psalm 119

  1. Angelique, did you know that by singing what you are reading as in during your Bible study, you will not only learn what you read and understand what you are reading better, but you will also retain more of what you are reading. When just reading you are learning with just one side of your brain, but when you sing what you are reading you are using both the left side and the right side.
    I have just been listening to your link and it is wonderful.

  2. Actually, in order to memorize anything, I have to sing it. 🙂 That’s the purpose here. The project itself actually started out as recreating the acrostic, only in English – and then potentially doing some of them in rhyming form, the way they are in Hebrew – although I have to work the Hebrew out to figure out the rhyming pattern. 🙂 Learning this one though is more because Psalm 119 is a great meditation song. And the people who did the project at the link did a great job, I thought. 🙂 Thanks, Sis!

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