Last of Discernment Q&A

What happens when this person prays?  I tend to calm down and realize that God’s got it all covered.  I remember how very blessed I am, and that I have submitted my will to God – all I have to do is trust that it’s all part of the plan and serve to the best of my ability.

Who is Jesus for this person?  The human manifestation and son of God on Earth who died for the sins of all men, including me personally, so that we might all live an everlasting life.  If the question is one of “Who is Christ?” then the answer would include that Christ is One in the three of the Trinity, the presence of God Himself on Earth.

*In what ways does this person channel God’s love? How have you experienced God’s love through this person?  This one is an evaluation question for the committee.

How does this person distinguish and/or meld God’s voice from other persistent voices such as culture, peer pressure, career, ego, self-interest? (see Listening Hearts, p. 24)  Practice.  God’s voice provides a different feeling than my own inner voice, or the outer voices of society.  God’s always made Himself pretty clear to me, whether it’s grabbing my attention by sending a series of messengers to the point I can’t ignore it, or providing me with a much needed attitude adjustment.  I’ve found it’s easier, and in the long run much better, for me to listen the first time.

*Describe this person’s listening skills. Does s/he listen carefully, not at all, selectively?  This one is an evaluation question for the committee.

*How does this person answer: What is the next step God wants me to take? (see Listening Hearts, p. 26)  This community needs a servant to help it grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding, to challenge those seeking to find their path (hopefully but not necessarily with us).  The next logical step is to get the training needed to be a good servant, to provide the church with a figurehead that can help draw people to the church.  For me, it means my hobby will become my vocation, I can serve in a wider capacity in the church and in the community.

*Does this person have the resources in time and funds to pursue the Diaconate or Priesthood?  The parish is providing the funds and I am creating the time.  I will work out a method of paying the church back the funds for the training once complete.

*Is this person able to recognize and live with appropriate boundaries in areas such as leadership, finances, sexuality, and sense of responsibility?  Yes.


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