First Discernment Meeting

Okay, so when attending a discernment, at which point, the committee has indicated the numbers of the questions they’re going to be focusing on, it’s a wise idea to ensure that you are looking at the same list they are. *grin*

I was looking at the questions from the Ministry Manual – those from which the committee will have to make their final report.  They, on the other hand, were looking at the questions contained in the book Listening Hearts, the guide for discernment.  So, I came with my answers all prepared, only to discover that this was going to be answering questions off the cuff and the top of my head. <g>

The actual goings on of the committee are bound by a confidentiality agreement, so I shan’t be including them here, but I was, surprisingly, nervous at this first meeting.  I hadn’t anticipated that.  I should have had an inkling that things were going to go awry somewhere. <g>

But I think it went well.  There was one question where my automatic assumption of the presence of God did me a disservice, since I forgot to mention it, but hopefully, it was answered clearly enough after a time. 🙂


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