Setting the Table

So, today, Rev. K invited me to “set the table” for her before the Eucharist.  I had no idea what that meant.  It is apparently, within Catholic and Episcopal churches (possibly others), when the deacon prepares the bread and wine for blessing and presentation.  So today was the mechanics – and I realize I have a very long way to go to remember that *none* of this is about the mechanics (although the practicality of having the proper amount of bread and wine *is* important), but rather about preparing the representation of the body and blood of Christ to feed the body of the Church.

Rev. K seems to have taken me on as a “project” for when she’s here – teaching me things, discussing things with me, and has said that while she’s here, she intends to “invite” me to preach one Sunday.  This will mean actually *writing* and giving the sermon.  Apparently, a priest can invite anyone to preach, while they’re there, supervising.  I’ve likely mentioned before being slightly frustrated with the fact that during a Morning Prayer service (what we have when Rev. K is at her normal parish and not playing snowbird here), that our “reflection” is reading someone else’s sermon.  I love to write, and have fun writing the church blog periodically (or daily during Advent and Lent).  So, hopefully, I’ll find a unique way to bring the Gospel into everyday life for the congregation.  I just don’t know when I’m doing it yet. <g>


One thought on “Setting the Table

  1. It is amazing to be humbled by being of service to our Lord. Doing this, preparing for the Lords meal, is a humbling experience. It is sometimes hard to show our Savior all the reverence that is due Him….Simply because we are human, but we need to remember that we are created in His image. Praise God for that, He has given us the ability to be humbled, and constantly in awe of all He is and all that He has yet to come for each and every on of us.

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