Update and a 30-day Challenge

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here – not that I’ve stopped writing, just not in this particular blog. 🙂  I’ve been accepted to school, but now they’ve changed the requirements so that all distance students will start in July.  There are pluses and minuses to that, of course, but as with all things, God’s time is perfect, so I’ll start that in July.

In the short term, I asked them for a reading/book list.  Unfortunately the syllabi will not be available until May.  In the meantime, I’m advised the read (I would assume they mean re-read) the Old Testament.  Having heard from my friend Karen that schools tend to go with one version of the Bible, I asked if they had a preference (’cause when it comes to Old Testament, I actually prefer the New Jerusalem translation, as it’s got the Hebrew on the opposing page – however, I didn’t know if they wanted the apocryphal books included as well, ’cause the Catholic Bible has those, and they’re rather interesting too).  They don’t, so I’ll probably do both.

And with my extra time, I need to learn how to repair my roof and my floor.  The leak I thought I’d fixed, I apparently didn’t, as I discovered with the recent rain.  The floor has decided to buckle in a couple of spots, so I need to figure that out.

So, 30-day challenge posted by a friend of mine.  While I can’t really write that much, I can type it out and then put the thoughts below.

Then we have the interesting sermon given by Pastor C yesterday to introduce a series on the pastoral epistles.  I need to explore the concept between doctrine and love, and why one trumps the other *only* on some things, but not on others, generally dealing with social issues, and where the Episcopal Church goes with the whole “WWJD” concept, in my opinion.

To my lovely sister who is, I believe, the only person who reads this, we will likely disagree along denomination/sect lines, so you may wish to skip that particular entry when I get it written. 🙂

One last discernment meeting, and then the committee will be preparing the report to go to the Bishop.  Then once he forwards that, I submit an application for Postulancy and the church submits its endorsement of my application.  After that, I should hopefully be interviewed by the Commission on Ministry and assigned a mentor.

So, things move along… slowly. 🙂


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