Next project, slightly early

I’ve never been known for my patience. <g>  So, this next 6 months, the school told me to go ahead and re-read the Old Testament (OT).  Sure, no problem, except that it’s been a while since I’ve read it cover to cover, so I’m bound to notice things now that I didn’t before.

Add to this, my mother and I are doing a Bible study (sort of) on the book Bible Women:  All Their Words and Why They Matter.  It’s quite interesting, in that it focuses on the words spoken only by women in the Bible.  What got to me, of course, was that their statistics are a bit skewed, as they compare the words spoken by women (approx. 14,0000) to the totality of the words in the Bible (approx. 1.2 million), which works out to about 1.2%.  Interesting statistic, I suppose, but incomplete.  How many words were spoken by men?  By God?  By Christ?  Interestingly, I cannot find this information anywhere.  So, this has become the adjunct project to my reading assignment.  I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with it when finished, but if I were going for a Master of Theological Studies, rather than Ministry, I could probably make it a master’s thesis. <g>

Anyway, so other than one sentence in Chapter 2 of Genesis spoken by the first man, all the other words in the first two chapters of Genesis are spoken by God.  However, the first two chapters give two different accountings of creation, which contradict one another.  In the first, God created the animals on the 5th day, and mankind (notice the plurality) on the 6th, giving dominion over the Earth to mankind.  In the second, God creates one man first, then creates the animals, birds, etc. (named by man) to be companions, and then finally creates the helpmate of the man from his rib, subsequently named “woman” by the man.  Okay, as far as that goes, but then Verse 24 states that man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife.  Where’d the parents come from?  (I know!  Chapter 1!)

So, just initial thoughts slightly early on next year’s project.


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