I have lost my mind.  But, that’s not a bad thing this time.  However, I am SO going to need God’s help, it’s not even funny.

So in talking with my mom, she mentioned what she was doing for Lent.  It includes paying a $1 fine for any cussing (which goes into the poor box), daily readings from a book a Catholic priest has written, and giving up sweets for Lent – which is a little disconcerting, given that her birthday is 9 days after Ash Wednesday.  So then she asked what I was doing.

Well, I’d already decided that I’d do the Society for St. John the Evangelist’s program.  And I’m going to work on some form of exercise on a daily basis again.  Then she asked what I’m giving up.  So, the one thing that prevents me from doing the most things that need to be done?  Fanfiction.  It exists.  It’s free.  It’s entertaining.  And I am completely and totally addicted – in the worst sense of that word.  So, no fanfiction for 40 days.  I wonder if this means I’ll actually get my house cleaned up entirely…



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