Lent 2

So, basics of Lent feedback are elsewhere, ’cause they don’t pertain to this blog. 🙂  But!  In doing the church blog, I realized that I also need to do the work personally, rather than just as a generic for people reading the blog written by “the church”.  *grin*

Interestingly, I realized after reading over the Rule of Life material that I created that under my Principles tab.  It gives me guidelines on – to continue the garden analogy being used by SSJE – good fencing, or what/who I surround myself with; what soil I want to use, or the practices, places and people that nourish my path; what plants I want to grow, or the types of fruit I want to be reflective of my life; and the sky, or how worship practices can help all that growth.

I think this practice of intentional living is useful for everyone, and personal to everyone.  I’m interested in seeing what the SSJE has as their Rule of Life – it covers 49 rules in a book. 🙂  The good part for me right now is actually reviewing and ensuring that one, the rules still are applicable, and two, adjust them if they need adjusting.   People change over time.  Their needs, goals and dreams change.  Most of the basics stay the same.  Those are the core values, I think.


2 thoughts on “Lent 2

    • Depends on how you define “worship”. I know that most evangelical and Pentecostal churches refer to singing as “worship”. Most liturgical churches look at worship as being the totality of what we do – the readings, the hymns, the prayers, the sermon – and that’s just at the church service. For me, worship is bringing the awareness of God into everything that I do, whether it’s why I clean my house or the purpose in washing away the day, prayer of many types, helping one of God’s creation – as long as I know *why* I’m doing it, it’s all incorporated into my practice of worshiping God.

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