In the Beginning

I feel like a complete moron, but I have only just realized that the Bible takes the timeless entity of God, from the very beginning, and puts it into the timeliness that man needs to understand.

בְּרֵאשִׁית (trans. b’rashit)- In the beginning.  Without time, there is no beginning, middle or end – there simple “is”.  God’s own name, “I am, that I am” takes Him out of time, and yet, we are provided evidence after evidence of linear time in the Bible.

I’m really stuck on time – both the presence of and the lack of, and am fascinated with the dichotomy.  I think part of it may be because I cannot comprehend why God would create us within the four dimensions of space.  And then my brain takes off in other directions, pointing out that we actually exist in multi-dimensional space that gets into string theory, and definitely exceeds the bounds of this blog.  But, it’s cool to contemplate.  🙂


2 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. Have you ever considered removing all sugar, caffeine, artificial colours and/or dyes, as well as all artificial flavorings. Then perhaps your brain would start to take the commands and directives that you would give to it….Love you sweet Lady! Oh and also that way you might just be able to take it all on faith and just accept it. Period…You can do this!

    • You know, I find it fascinating that you and my mother have the same opinion regarding taking things on faith, and my father and I believe that learning and discovering the reasons “why” should be a lifelong endeavor. *grin* As much as I complain about the multiple directions my brain takes, I actually enjoy it. I should find a quiz on personalities for you to take… I think I know what color you’d end up (I’m green), but it’d be interesting to see. 🙂 Love ya, Lady!

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