99 Words

The irruption of the world is our first glimpse of God through the Word. It establishes the timelessness and omnipotence of the Divine by demonstrating that “creation is not an accident, but a deliberate act of Divine will.” The primeval history found in Genesis 1-11 forms the basis of a pattern seen both repeatedly throughout the entirety of the Bible, as well as foreshadowing the totality of mankind’s existence, through the creation, judgment and promise of God’s Word.

So, from the above, there are SO, SO many comments I want to be able to make, to explore, to spout off my thoughts and just explode in a blather of thoughts and directions is probably why the professor is limiting us to 500 words.  It took me an entire morning to come up with 99 words that say exactly what I want them to say.

Firstly, the concept of “themes” is confusing.  There are the themes referenced in the book we’re assigned; themes created through Genesis 1-11 that go from creation, uncreation, recreation to creation, judgment, promise/covenant to creation, fall, judgment, expansion – lather, rinse, repeat; themes explored elsewhere of dominion, relationship, fruitfulness/growth, provision, limits.  You can find themes in all sorts of manners regarding the first 11 chapters of the Bible.  Just listing them uses up precious words of that 500 allowed…  hmm, just noted the “limits” part of that theme – wonder if the professor is trying to get a point across. 🙂

So, as you can see, I’m using one of the themes from the assigned book, and three of them from elsewhere that make sense to me, while including the Word in a christophany to foreshadow the actual basis for Christian belief.

Then we have the number of times I’m needing to bite my tongue at the author of the assigned book using the term “Yahweh”, which is not even a word.  I’ve ranted on that before.  I’ll probably do so again, repeatedly. <g>

And part of me wonders if the professor is wanting a mention of the literary themes.  500 words is just not enough. <g>


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