Interesting Parallels

The professor pointed out that after Joseph died, the pharaoh did not know Joseph and did not trust the Jews, who had done as requested in Genesis, and had been fruitful and multiplied.  In contrast, Pharaoh set himself up against the plans of God, setting limits on the Jews, enslaving and making them help to build the two cities that were showplaces of his kingdom.  He treated them as a threat.  It got me thinking about the Tower of Babel.  When man sets himself against God, showing their hubris, God does things that further His own plans.  With the Tower, He changed the languages and scattered humanity.  With the Pharaoh, He sent plagues, and took His people back out into the wilderness.  It seems that every time men get together in cities, they tend to forget about God and God’s might.  Pharaoh certainly did.  And like the tower, the cities were not finished because those building it, left.

It does make you look at the story of Esther and WWII in a different light as well.  The parallels in history are rather interesting to track.  Not that I can do my final paper on that (still have to choose a book in the Bible to write on), but thank God for this blog. *grin*


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