The beginning of this quarter has been definitely different, and I have been rather unsettled by it until I *think* I’ve got it worked out as to what’s bugging me.  This professor is absolutely enamored with the words and difference and nuances and shading that each author provides in the New Testament.  I can certainly understand that – I have similar fascinations.

The problem is the lack of the Word being connected back to being inspired or stated by God.  We’re so focused on the mechanics of the words that the Word is being lost.  I’m fairly certain they’re all meant to be connected, and the professor is using this time to teach us the mechanical methods so that the theology can be connected back to it while we’re at home.  I think I just need more of that connection for my own peace of mind.  I think it was much easier with the Old Testament because we were less focused on the mechanics and more focused on the presence of God.

Not sure how to fix it within this week so that I’m more comfortable and less lost in the class, but hopefully identifying what’s making me uncomfortable will help.

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