Glitter and Ash Wednesday

I’ve now read two blogs about Ash Wednesday.  Ashes and Affirmation in the Light of True Humanity, by Jon Jameson, a classmate of mine, which emphasizes pretty much everything I think about Ash Wednesday.  He’s a very talented author – there’s another entry on there that I recommend people read as well.

The second one is actually disturbing to me, being called “Glitter Ash Wednesday“, and has been created to be supportive of the GLBTQ community.  I guess what disturbs me most is that they seem to miss the point – from dust we were created, and to dust we will descend.  We are all sinners in the sight of God, despite being His beloved, and saved through the passion of Christ.  This isn’t about one group or any special interests or political statements.  To reference my last entry, I’m thinkin’ these people, with the best of intentions, are listening to Dame Folly.

But then I realize that I have just been terribly judgmental.  I guess part of it is that I think people are being led astray from the meaning of Ash Wednesday.  And at the same time, I can see that part of what they’re wanting to emphasize is persecution, which Christ certainly suffered in abundance.  But during His time in the desert, He overcame the temptations of the flesh, and showed us how the spirit can overcome.  It was about mastering Himself, and fulfilling the commandments of God – truly being the fulfillment of the Old Testament.

So as usual, I’m beginning to have as many hands as Shiva.  And I’ll leave this here. 🙂


One thought on “Glitter and Ash Wednesday

  1. Okay, so perhaps you are being a tad judgmental….you know what, that’s okay. But I must say that for the LGBT group to talk about persecution and the persecution that our Lord had to suffer in the same sentance, well I really struggle with that statement. I at times have felt persecuted, but I would never consider putting my persecution and Christ persecution in the same zip code. There is no comparrison. And yes He did master Himself and yes He did fulfill the commands of His Father.
    He died for all of us weither straight or whatever, we are all sinners saved by what He did on that cross for each and every one of us. And by accepting this amazing gift from Him and asking Him to take up residence within each and every one of us, we are saying that we want to also work to master ourselves so that we to may work towards fulfilling the commands of God the Father.
    God bless you all.
    Matthew 18:3 and 1st Thessalonians 1: 3-5

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