Mary Meditation

Rev. Pattiann Bennett created a meditation on Mary, given that today was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary.  Now, I’ve discussed that whole concept previously, but given that today, during our Eucharist service, my niece gave birth to her third child, and is such a phenomenal woman, I kinda had Mary on the brain.  But then it occurred to me that while the most famous Hebrew poetry was written by David, there’s no reason that such poems cannot be written in the same style.  And we know how I feel about rhyming couplets.  So this is what I have thus far.  I will likely alter it, but it’s interesting as is.

To conceive of a Mother,
– To think of the Queen of Heaven.
“Hail Mary,” the Angel of the Lord met her.
– “Greetings from on high, from one servant to another.”
One a messenger for the Lord of Hosts;
– One a courier for the Son of Man.
We must rejoice that she said yes,
– And be grateful for her choice.
For in her obedience to God
– She followed His decree
And bore for the world His presence
– Carrying God’s love for us.
Yet still the Queen of Angels
– Looked at her tiny son
– And saw the face of God.
The heart of mankind was blessed.
– The soul saved with Mary’s son.

Lilies grow in the dust of the Cross,
– Flowers watered through the tears of the Mother
– And life is renewed.
As darkness fails and the Morning Star leads us toward the dawn,
– Death is overcome and the Son rises.

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