Plans: Shall we watch God laugh?

So apparently I haven’t actually written out my goals in the last few years (something I am rather amazed at, given my penchant for setting goals and providing myself accountability).  The title of this post, however, may have something to do with it.  In any case, I’m planning, setting goals, and trying to separate out my Church goals from my personal goals, even though they really intertwine an awful lot at this point.

Reasonable Goals for the Year:

  1. Use Lent for stating positive affirmations, four times a day, that God will provide a way for me to grow my garden, both in loaning me His (or Richard’s, or dad’s) green thumb, and in the resources to get it accomplished.
  2. Actually grow said garden.  Now of course, growing a garden is not just growing a garden – it’s all of the canning, freezing and otherwise preserving the produce for using the rest of the year.  This would include those things I can’t grow (due to time constraints) like fruits that grow on trees I don’t have – by either finding a place to pick them or getting them from Bountiful Baskets or a farmers’ market.
  3. Write – which does not include sermons or researching for said writing – at least 4 hours a month on a non-church topic.  This can include the herbal medicine book, a romance novel, a what-if/alternative history novel or whatever might catch my fancy.
  4. Finish going through at least two books with best friend and working through exercises.

I do realize that this is a short list, but I try to only set two “actual” goals a year that are non-church related.  My church goals this year include:

  1. Setting up a healing ministry with a once a week meeting and at least once a month healing service separate from other services.
  2. Organize a Suicide Prevention workshop with Mary-Alice and Jim as presenters.
  3. Schedule Prayer in the Park each Saturday morning May through August.
  4. Create ad campaign for the church that will be most effective.
  5. Hold four Quiet Days throughout the year.
  6. Research and hold a candle-making workshop, preferably May or September.
  7. Come up with a useful workshop centered around herbal medicine or cooking.
  8. Finish the Psalm 119 project.
  9. Find someone across Montana to partner with and create a project that joins the two congregations.

There’s also still another event that I’ll be presenting at, but it’s not on my goal list – that of presenting herbal medicine at the Hildegard Workshop in February.

There’s my plans.  Let’s see what God does with them. 🙂


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