Prayer for Solving Problems

From the book Miracles in Prayer, I offer the following:

Dear God,
I am faced with a problem that I do not know how to solve.  Even though I think I have many problems, in Truth, I only have one problem.  My problem is that I forgot that I am one with You.  As I remember that You are my Infinite Source of abundance, wisdom and resources, all of my problems are solved.  I am learning that it is helpful to take my attention off my problem (the best I can) and to place it on my oneness with You.  On a practical level, I will do what’s in front of me to do, without judgment, while I listen for Your guidance.  As I focus on my oneness with You and the Truth of who I am, I bring light to my situation.  I am learning that my problems are easily undone in the light of Truth.  In the presence of Your love, there is nothing to fear. I dedicate this situation to the Truth, and trust that peace is inevitable.  Thy will be done.  Amen