Each year, I choose projects for me to accomplish.  For 2014, one of my projects was one that has been close to my heart for a long time.  I have been fascinated with monastic life since I was a teenager.  Obviously, I didn’t choose that life (wanted children), but have learned over time that one does not have to be within a monastery to make oneself aware, each minute of the day, of the Divine, and our service to God, even in the smallest detail.  Something as simple as sweeping the floor from east to west, acknowledging the path of the sun, focusing on sweeping out not only dirt, but negativity; counting our blessings with each pass of the broom – this is but one example of how to live life aware.

My intent with this blog is to follow the examples shown in several monastic orders – but to make this blog personalized to myself.  I believe there is but one God, infinite in form and faces, and many choose a particular form/face/pantheon upon which to focus.  My own journey is somewhat unorthodox, to say the least, ranging from Lutheran to Episcopal to Catholic to Baha’i and finally settling back into the Episcopal faith, all with a Druid philosophy (note, I do not follow a Druid religion, but the philosophy is eminently practical and purposeful), so the need for something personal to myself will likely range all over the place as far as religions are concerned, but will generally (note, I do not say always) only refer to God or the Divine in the singular.

This blog has adjusted its purpose over time, as I entered seminary in 2016 with the goal of becoming an Episcopal priest.  In 2018, I have been ordained a transitional deacon, and will utilize the upcoming posts as expansions in case the Archdeacon who’s training me wants more detail than I put into a report to her.


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