This page will essentially be a page where I put notes on things to look into further.

Sapiential books of wisdom in the Bible.
Catholic Bible Study
The Sapientail Septuagint by Edwin Yamauchi
Sapiential Synesthesia: by Greg Goering, paper of some sort for UVA)
Sister of Wisdom – part of a Google book quoting Hildegard von Bingen

Kenotic Theory

Quotations made by Paul in Acts 17 from Greek philosophers 6 centuries before Christ.

1 Chronicles 16:8-14/Psalm 105.

Concept of fractal geometry in Ecclesiastes along with the breath (ruaH) from Genesis and breath (ruaH) in the seven types of kisses described in Shir HaShrim (Song of Songs).

Anything having to do with God being outside of time – Thesis topic.  A few entries exist on here already.


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