Mom’s Projects


It absolutely amazes me how hard we work, and truly, we do accomplish a great deal, but we are just a drop in the bucket of an ocean of things that need done! We need more funds to be able to accomplish these goals that we set, that Regional set, that National set. We *need* more volunteers, hands to do the work that has to be done. I know that at some point, my husband’s going to put his foot down about how much time I’m spending here, but really! It’s the work of the Church – he can’t object to that. Oh, but a weekend away would be lovely. We just need more time to get everything done!

Take a step.

And as you take that step, think about your reason for doing what you do. Is it because of an expectation of (fill in the blank – your priest, your church, the other volunteers, the people you help, etc.)? Set aside other people’s expectations.

Take the next step.

What are your assets? The current people you have working with you, the materials you have available, the time you have to spend on the projects, your limited budget. List them out on a sheet of paper.

Where’s God? Is He on your list?

Take another step.

The Road to Emmaus was a physical road in the Bible, but how many times do we forget to look and find the face of Christ walking with us? With each step, God asks that we remember we’re not alone. He is always with us – in the faces of His children, in the tasks of helping our neighbors, in the love for our families. How often as we serve do we remember to thank God for His presence, His guidance, His gifts that allow us to help those who need it? How often do we truly set aside the busy-ness of our lives and acknowledge the Holy Spirit pervading every act, every person, every situation that we often perceive as a problem or hindrance?

Take a walk with Christ.

Find your own Road to Emmaus and remember to not just hear, but to listen – for all that you need is already there.



Sunday’s child is full of grace,
Monday’s child is fair of face;
Tuesday’s child loves to race,
Wednesday’s child is kind of heart;
Thursday’s child is very smart,
Friday’s child will never part;
Saturday’s child is good of heart.

Sunday’s child is full of grace,
God-touched heart gives warm embrace.
And while the Sun gives light and heat,
The Son Himself makes the child complete.
Born on Sunday, blessed be
For blessed are you by One in Three.

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Attractive to the human race;
And while outer beauty’s by design,
Inside is where you really shine
And beauty’s mien lasts all life long,
Extolled in poem, story and song.

Tuesday’s child loves to race
And blessed with energy and grace,
You’re rarely still, your movements free
As like to run as climb a tree.
You’ll live a life of adventure and fun
Stopping only when you’re ready and done.

Wednesday’s child is kind of heart
Whose wisdom is seen from the very start.
An “old soul” is likely what you’ll be called
Your friends most likely quite enthralled
By the depth of giving in your soul,
Most blessed you are, as God makes you whole.

Thursday’s child is very smart,
As likely to build as take apart.
There’s little that you can’t discern;
Boredom’s never a problem where there are things to learn.
Knowledge is power, so guard against exploitation:
Just remember that God is at its foundation.

Friday’s child will never part;
For steadfast and loyal is your heart.
Slow to trust, but once it’s acquired,
Such devotion a gift, and awe-inspired.
Let your heart and faith be your guide,
Your fidelity and honor in God abide.

Saturday’s child is good of heart,
Who finds the best, most admirable part
Of every person to pass your way.
You’ll find something just to brighten each day.
Seeing through the clutter, you find the Divine
And with every person, you help it shine.


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