Sons of God

Where did they come from?  (Genesis 6:2)  So, between verses 1-4, we hear the only reference to “sons of God”.  Plural.  Shortly after, in verse 4, the offspring of these beings and the “daughters of humans” are referred to as Nephilim, who were known as “heroes that were of old, warriors of renown.”

The implication here is, of course, that they were not human.

There are so many theories on this topic, and yet not enough information to even make an educated guess.  And yet, people do. 🙂

Jews look at “sons of God” as being those of the line of the righteous – or descendants of Seth.  Why, at the same time they then look at the women as being descendants of Cain and at the Nephilim as being bad, when there wasn’t anything bad said about them, I’m not sure.

Other Biblical scholars use different translations, pre-suppose that the knowledge surrounding this was so common at the time that whoever wrote it didn’t feel the need to explain.  With everyone prior to this living so long, that’s really quite possible.  I mean, if you think about it, Adam would have still been alive when Lamech was born, and only died 126 years before Noah was born.  Common knowledge at that point in time would have been a huge amount of information, y’know?

I had to work it out from the genealogy from Genesis 5:

Adam:                   0 –   930
Seth:                  130 – 1042
Enosh:              235 – 1140
Kenan:              325 – 1235
Mahalalel:        395 – 1235
Jared:                460 – 1422
Enoch:              622 –
Methuselah:    687 – 1656
Lamech:           874 – 1651
Noah:              1056 – 2006

And then, in 1556, the first recorded set of triplets was born.  Isn’t that a fascinating thing?

So, the flood took place (and of course, I’m starting “time” from the creation of Adam – completely arbitrary, I realize – but humans are pretty much the only things that care about “linear time” as a concept.  So don’t think this is an advocation for the earth only being approximately 7,000 years old, which would contradict science, and not take into account the time before humans existed.  This also doesn’t take into account that time went backwards BCE.) in approximately 1656.  Lamech and Methuselah had died, along with their progenitors.  So, Ham, Japeth and Shem were each 100 years old at the time.


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